Robland Panel Saws

Roband Z400M Sliding Table Panel Saw

Robland Panel Saws from Grovewood Machines

Grovewood Machines have been official Robland suppliers for nearly 20 years. We often get enquiries for Robland panel saws. They are perfect for professional woodworkers of any standard, with entry level models all the way up to the best of the best.

About Robland

Robland was founded in 1968 by Robert Landuyt in Bruges, Belgium. Their success was achieved by combining good quality with affordable prices, as reflected in their products.  The product range at Robland has been extended massively since being founded, now offering machines like planer thicknessers, spindle moulders and edge banders too. In 1992, the company saw the introduction of their first panel saw, the Z320. From there, Robland has created a well-deserved reputation, even seeing them celebrate their 50th birthday back in 2018, which we were fortunate enough to attend.

With 28 years of experience in building high quality panel saws for affordable prices, you’ll be sure to find a model that’s perfect for you. The company has two types of panel saws, compact and large format. Large format is perfect for people with more floor space and looking for a top quality machine, whereas compact is perfect for people who struggle with space, but are still looking for the features of a professional panel saw.

The Range of Robland Panel Saws

The NXZ and E300 models are entry level compact panel saws. They still offer many of the exceptional features that Robland has to offer but at a lower price point. The NXZ has an optionally available belt driven scoring unit which limits the maximum cutting depth to 85cm. Similarly, the E300 offers an optionally available motor driven scoring unit that allows a maximum cutting depth of 100cm.

Perhaps you’re looking for a model with all the features of a professional panel saw but don’t have enough floor space? Robland created the CZ range with exactly that in mind. This range comes in a wide selection of saw diameters (300,400 and 500mm), sliding tables, outrigger tables, options like digital readout and accessories, which can be combined with either a manual (M) or electrical light (EL) height and tilt of the blade. Furthermore, the saw aggregate is made from one piece of cast iron for natural absorption of vibrations. This therefore offers superior precision and stability. There are 3 series in the range:




Within that, there are models within these series:

  • CZ300 consists of the CZ300 M and the CZ300 EL.
  • CZ400 consists of the CZ400 M, CZ400 EL, CZ400 X1 and the CZ400 X3.
  • CZ500 consists of the CZ500 M, CZ500 EL, CZ500 X1 and the CZ500 X3.

As for large format panel saws, Robland offers 3 series, as well as one entry level machine called the E2500. This machine includes a motor driven scoring unit and the company’s exclusive Balls on Steel System (BOSS). This system ensures smooth operation of the sliding table. The Z series has a wide variety of saw diameters to offer- 300, 400 and 500mm, and these correspond to the names of the machines. Furthermore, they offer sliding tables, outrigger tables, options and accessories, which can be combined with one of four executions: manual, electrical height and tilt of the table, controlled parallel fence and a three axes controlled machine. The saw aggregate is made of one piece of cast iron for natural absorption of vibrations, which therefore gives superior stability and precision.  There are 3 ranges that Robland has to offer:

  • Z300
  • Z400
  • Z500

Within these ranges are the models:

  •  (Z300) Z300 M, Z300 EL, Z300 X1 and Z300 X3
  •  (Z400) Z400 M, Z400 EL, Z400 X1 and Z400 X3
  •  (Z500) Z500 M, Z500 EL, Z500 X1 and Z500 X3

Robland offers such an amazing wide variety of panel saws that are perfect for any of your woodworking needs! At Grovewood Machines, we are proud to be one of the company’s major stockists.

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Laguna Bandsaws from Grovewood Machines

Laguna Bandsaws

We get numerous enquiries for Laguna Bandsaws at Grovewood Machines Ltd. Whether you’re a professional woodworker or even just a hobbyist, bandsaws are a brilliant option for anyone.

About Laguna

Laguna Tools was founded in Laguna Beach, California. Almost three decades later, Laguna is the market leader in the American woodworking machinery market. Combining new and innovative solutions with high quality manufacturing standards has enabled the company to earn a well-respected reputation in both their home market and across the world. Over three years, the Laguna is being made available to buy in Europe by being re-designed to meet CE regulations while retaining their uniqueness. Grovewood Machines is one of the leading stockists of Laguna Tools in the UK, boasting high quality machines at competitive prices.

Who are buying Laguna Bandsaws?

Laguna machines are extremely popular across the UK at the moment, especially for hobbyists who have taken up woodwork during lockdown, or maybe even professionals who are looking to extend their passion to their homes. Stock is often low and machines are becoming more difficult to get hold of. This shows that they are one of the best when it comes to bandsaws for both hobbyists and professionals!

The Laguna Bandsaw Range

The 14|12

Their exceptional bandsaw range, in particular the 14|12 model, has won many awards, due to its innovative designs and affordable prices. Some of these awards include Editor’s choice ‘Best Overall’ in Taunton’s 2015 Tool Guide, as well as Editor’s choice ‘Best Value’ in Taunton’s 2015 Tool Guide.

The Laguna 14|12 bandsaw was first released in 2015 in the USA and became an instant success. It won many awards and is even the best seller in the entirety of North America! It’s large depth of cut, premium build quality and many professional features make it a favourite among joinery shops and high-end home DIY workshops. Optional accessories for this machine includes a 14/12WK deluxe wheel system designed for maximum stability and ease of use with a single pedal to engage, an SMG: sliding mitre fence that’s adjustable to 60 degrees each way with positive stops at 0 degrees, and 141206-20: a selection of high  quality, premium woodpecker blades.

The 14|BX

The Laguna 14|BX bandsaw was built upon the success of the 14|12 model. They both have a similar specification, however the 14|BX has a more powerful 2.5hp motor, as well as twin extraction ports. As well as this, a foot switch and disc braking system has been added to more conveniently stop the saw and bring the motor to a stop in an instant. With outstanding features and a premium build quality, this model will appeal more to professional joinery shops.

The 18|BX

Lastly, the Laguna 18|BX bandsaw is a scaled up version of the best selling 14|12. They share all of the finishing touches and distinctive features that made the 14|12 an award winner. This larger model is designed to be tough enough to handle any daily job in a professional workshop. Again, a disc braking system and foot switch has been added to the bandsaw to stop the saw more conveniently. Some other features that differ from the other models in the band saw range include a resaw capacity of 16” and efficient dust extraction. Optional extras for this machine include an 18BXWK deluxe wheel system designed for maximum stability and ease of use, an SMG: sliding mitre fence that is adjustable 60 degrees each way with positive stops at 0 degrees and 45 degrees each way, and an 18BX06-27: a selection of high quality, premium woodpecker blades.

Some features of the Laguna bandsaw range includes:

  • A pyramid shaped spine that minimises frame distortion
  • A braked motor that provides enough power for even the deepest of cuts. There’s a quick blade release tension lever that makes blade changing faster too.
  • A micro polished cast iron table that’s mounted onto an oversized trunion with two locking points, ensuring a solid work space.
  • Solid cast iron wheels that are dynamically balanced and fitted with polyurethane tyres, which are designed to last longer and run cooler than normal tyres.
  • Double windows to allow you to look at both the tension and tracking while the machine is running

One of the most unique advantages of the Laguna bandsaw range is the famous ceramic blade guide system. These blades make ten points of contact that allow an easy set-up and more accurate cuts. The use of long life ceramic guides allow for a greater blade contact area than typical bearing guides. As a result, there is more support for the blade and a larger cutting accuracy.

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