Why Choose Grovewood Machines for Edgebanders?

Used Felder Format 4 Edgebander

Why Choose Grovewood Machines for Edgebanders?

So why choose Grovewood Machines for Edgebanders. Are you looking for a new or used Edgebander for your joinery workshop? Perhaps you are just starting out or you are looking to upgrade your old machine. Grovewood Machines have been supplying Edgebanders for over 20 years to the UK woodworking industry and we would like to think we have the ‘edge’ on Edgebanders.

As you know it’s of the utmost importance when manufacturing a piece of furniture that you will be selling to your customers that the edging is perfect and has a superior edge appearance. That’s why Grovewood Machines is here for you and will help you choose the right Edgebander for your needs.

Which brands of Edgebanders do we sell?

We supply Edgebanders from a whole host of manufacturers, we are not limited to just one company. We are official representatives for Holz-Her who have over 50 years’ experience and technology in the edge banding industry providing a wide range of high end Edgebanders such as the Artea, Auriga and the Streamer brands. Holz-Her pretty much has the market cornered with their PUR Glue Jet System. We are also official suppliers for the Italian brand Casadei Industria with their range of pre-glued, pre-milling & vertical rounding Edgebanders.

Cheaper end of the market doesn’t have to mean lower quality.

Edgebanders can range in price from as little as £3k up to £100k! depending on whether they are new or used, their age, brand and most importantly the functions that you require.
We are often lucky to be able to offer Felder Edgebanders, which are usually pre-owned and very much sought after as they are moderately priced in the market place and well known for their quality. In addition to this we can get in used SCM Minimax, Cehisa and Biesse Edgebanders, again these are popular and get snapped up pretty quickly. Always check back on our website as this changes daily as we always have machines coming in from part exchanges. So that is why you should choose Grovewood Machines for Edgebanders.

How to find out more?

Visit our website to see our up to date page on Edgebanders https://grovewoodmachines.co.uk/product-category/edgebanders/
You can also visit our Ebay shop for new and used woodworking machines https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?item=325658110994&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.m3561.l2562&_ssn=gmlwoodworkingsolutions

To discuss your requirements in detail why not call Nick on 01256 818235 / 07775 951672. We are able to arrange delivery as we have our own vehicles (depending on Edgebander size) and although we are based in Basingstoke we cover most of the UK.


Laguna Fusion 3 Table Saw

Further savings off a range of selected Laguna Woodworking Machines – updated 8th January 2024

During lockdown there was a huge demand for woodworking machines such as Drum Sanders, Table Saws and Bandsaws. Many of us had plenty of time on our hands and a bit of extra cash so we chose to turn our garages into workshops or add to what we already had in our man / lady caves!

Laguna Tools with its network of official suppliers including Grovewood Machines burst onto the scene providing all the necessary woodworking machinery for the woodworking enthusiast or hobbyist could possibly want. These machines were selling like hot cakes, and we could not ship them out fast enough.  The biggest seller for us was the Laguna Supermax 16-32 Drum Sander with its Patented Quick Adjust Lever Design and Built In Digital Read Out to name but a few of its excellent features and still cracking value at just £1,499.00 + VAT and Delivery.  The Laguna Fusion 3 and Fusion 2 Table saws were not far behind as well as the range of Bandsaws that Laguna have to offer.

After COVID we saw a sharp increase in prices of woodworking machinery all over the world due factors including components shortages, fuel rises and logistics issues.  However, we are glad that things have finally settled down and are thrilled to tell you about some fantastic savings on a range of Laguna Woodworking Tools.


The New 2022 Model Laguna Fusion 3 Table Saw WAS £2165.00 NOW ONLY £1915.00 

The New 2022 Model Laguna Fusion 2 Table saw WAS £1999.00 NOW ONLY £1665.00

The Laguna 18BX Bandsaw WAS £2165.00 NOW ONLY £1915.00

All Prices are subject to VAT & Delivery

So, whatever you are looking for you will find a great deal and you can be rest assured that Grovewood Machines will look after you from order through to delivery. BUT you need to hurry these prices are only valid whilst stocks last!

What our customers say about us (see our google reviews)

Fast and very efficient service and reasonably priced too! I ordered a Laguna 16/32 Drum Sander Tuesday, and it arrived Thursday A.M, not bad at all!
I would highly recommend this company.


Call us NOW on 01256 818235 or email penny@grovewoodmachines.co.uk to order yours today and for the full specifications just visit our Laguna products page here https://grovewoodmachines.co.uk/brand/laguna/

Offer – whilst stocks last.

Ask us about what our Finance partner can do you for you today – 01256 818235




‘Grovewood Machines are committed to going above and beyond in customer service’

Grovewood Machines logo

‘Grovewood Machines are committed to going above and beyond in customer service’

Grovewood Machines have been supplying new and used wood working machines to the woodworking industry for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on customer service.  We are proud to be official partners with some of the best names in the industry including Holz-Her, Robland, Laguna, Sedgwick, Casadei, Rehen & Houfek to. In that time we have helped countless number of customers with finding the right solution for their woodworking needs.

One example is when Schneider Electric IT Manufacturing UK Ltd, part of the Schneider Electric group were looking to restructure its manufacturing processes. Grovewood Machines are official agents for the Holz-her brand and took great delight in assisting them with their search for the right machine.

Read the full story here:


It makes us immensely proud when we receive good feed back about our service and we really do our best to assist customers with their requirements and budgets.

So why buy from Grovewood Machines when there are other bigger dealers out there?

We pride ourselves on customer service.

We listen to our customers requirements and work with them.

We keep our overheads low so we can do the best deals.

We work with the biggest industry names to bring you the best products.

We offer part exchange where possible.

If we don’t have it we will do our best to find it!

Looking for new or used woodworking machines and want to talk to someone with knowledge & experience? Call us for a chat on 01256 818235 or email info@grovewoodmachines.co.uk

Grovewood Machines are pleased to announce they are official Casadei Distributors

Casadei E321 Hot Melt Edgebander

Grovewood Machines are pleased to announce they are official Casadei Distributors

Grovewood Machines are official distributors for Casadei Edgebanders. Well-known Italian Woodworking Brand, Casadei Industria has chosen Grovewood Machines as one of its official partners in the UK.  Nick Groves, MD of Grovewood Machines commented ‘we could not be more pleased that we have been chosen to sell Casadei woodworking machines in the UK, these machines are well built and have a fantastic reputation within the industry’.

About Casadei Industria

Casadei Industria are based in the beautiful but small country of San Marino and have been established since 1994.  However, before that the first combination machine was designed and manufactured by Giovanni Casadei back in 1942.  Casadei is a true family run business with over 3 generations being involved in the company.

Casadei are well known for producing Edgebanders for the wood industry and right now we are offering 2 of the Casadei Edgebanders that are most popular; E450PMVR Pre-milling Vertical Rounding Edgebander and the Casadei E321 Hot Melt Edgebander.

E450PMVR Pre-milling Vertical Rounding Edgebander

What makes this Edgebander so special?  Firstly, we would say that this is extremely well priced for all the features it has, apart from being a well-made piece of kit it produces high quality edgebanded panels and incorporates features such as:

  • Compact and Pre-Milling ideal for smaller workshops with limited space
  • 3 Phase
  • Buffing Unit
  • Glue Scraping Unit
  • Wide track feed and vertical end radiusing
  • Complete with extraction connection and a blower
  • Automatic front/rear trimming
  • Cut-off saw with switchable vertical rounding
  • High frequency flush trimmers
  • Great Price Tag at Just £13,990.00 + VAT & delivery
  • Unlike other suppliers, this is IN STOCK & ready for immediate delivery!
  • Various options available – ask us for details

E321 Hot Melt Edgebander

This maybe classed as an entry level Edgebander, but the Casadei E321 Hot Melt Edgebander packs loads of punches! This is probably one of the best value smaller Hot Melt Edgebanders on the market today.

The standard specification includes

  • A TEFLON coated glue pot to apply hot melt glue
  • 3 Phase
  • Application of coil upto 2mm thick
  • A built-in display screen showing:

-glue temperature

-metres of edge used

– working hours

– maintenance messages

  • A guillotine to cut it to length
  • Double saws for accurate end trimming to the end of the panel
  • Top and bottom trimmers to make the edge flush with the panel
  • An oversized feed belt that is toothed to maintain drive of large panels
  • Various options available – ask us for details
  • Great Tag Price of just £6,950.00 + VAT & Delivery
  • IN STOCK & ready for immediate delivery!

How do I contact you?

If you would like to know more about the range of Casadei Edgebanders Grovewood Machines are official distributors for or any of the other products, then call Nick on 07775 951672 or email us info@grovewoodmachines.co.uk.  We would love to talk to you about these fantastic, industry leading Edgebanders.

Rehnen Storing and Handling Solutions from Grovewood Machines

Rehnen Storing and Handling Equipment

Here at Grovewood, we are pleased to offer 4 products from Rehnen’s storing and handling range.

The storing and handling range from Rehnen has been approved by woodworkers and carpenters all over- and for many reasons. They are extremely versatile, meaning they can help you out with everyday tasks such as lifting, rotating, transporting, and storing machines and goods. These pieces of equipment are sure to make your workday far easier. Even more so, they are suitable for every employee to use, so no intense training needed. They will also guarantee maximum safety which is always a bonus!

The Rehnen Laquer Stand.

The first product we offer is the Rehnen lacquer stand. This product can be adjusted to suit any conditions, making it extremely versatile and useful for almost anything. It also features a stable design which allows the stand to support workpieces of up to 300 kilograms. As well as this, the rotary lacquer stand has adjustable support arms and rotary height adjustment, further proving its versatility and practicality, making it suitable for all woodworkers and carpenters alike. This product is an extremely useful piece of handling and moving equipment for any size workshop.  The technical data for this product is as follows:

  • Height: max. 1000-1300mm
  • Width: max. 800mm
  • Length: max. 1850mm
  • Safe load: 300kg

Rehnen’s rotary lacquer stand comes at a fantastic price when you buy with Grovewood machines too, from £329.00 plus VAT, with delivery at an extra cost.

The Rehnen Ecoflex Drying Rack.

Another Rehnen product we sell is the Ecoflex drying rack. This is a cost-effective piece of equipment that helps save space and creates a gentle solution for storing painted workpieces. The four swivel castors that it has means that it can also be used for transporting workpieces. It is also created with a solid tube design that can be adjusted between 200mm and 1500mm. Also, with seventeen plastic coated support tubes on each side, the rack can support up to 400kg of evenly distributed weight. Furthermore, the plug-in support tubes can be taken out and put back in on the rear side of the rack when or if needed. When not being used, the drying rack can be collapsed and takes up little space, which means anyone can use it without having to worry about spacing issues. Like the rest of Rehnen’s moving and handling range, the Ecoflex drying rack comes at an affordable price from £415.00 plus vat, with optional extras like additional racks and retaining grids for an additional cost. The technical data for this product is as follows:

  • Length: 200 – 1500
  • Depth: 870 – 1180 mm
  • Height: 1855 mm
  • Support tube length: 650 mm
  • Support tube spacing 70 mm
  • Safe load: 400 kg

The Rehnen PFS250 Transport & Storage Cart.

Grovewood Machines are also pleased to offer the PFS 250 transport and storage cart. This is an ideal product for any workshop of any size to move boards around safely and easily. This piece of equipment has a board swiveling system, which helps you to move large boards from an upright and a horizontal position. The support frame is hydraulically height adjustable too and can also be swiveled as required. Moreover, support castors help to move boards into a horizontal position, rather than upright. This product has also been designed with four swivel castors, meaning safer in-house transport is ensured. The technical data for the transport and storage cart is as follows:

  • Support height=
  • Upright: ca. 120 – 340 mm
  • horizontal: ca. 890 – 1200 mm
  • board size: 5200 × 2100 mm
  • Safe load: 250 kg

Again, the PFS 250 transport and storage cart comes at a great price point, costing from only £1,650.00 plus vat with delivery at an extra cost.

The Rehnen Varioflex Drying Rack.

The final product from Rehnen’s storing and handling range that Grovewood Machines offers is the Varioflex drying rack. This is a user-friendly drying rack that saves space and is a gentle solution for storing painted workpieces similar to the Ecoflex drying rack. However, there are some differences between the two models. The Varioflex’s solid tube design can be adjusted from 200mm to 2000mm, while the Ecoflex can be adjusted from 200mm to 1500mm. Aside from this, both models have seventeen plastic-coated support tubes that can be taken out and reinserted, which help the rack to support up to 400kg of evenly distributed weight. Also, the drying rack can be collapsed when not in use, meaning it takes up minimal space. However, there are more optional extras for the Varioflex model, including additional racks and plastic-coated support tubes. The technical data for this product is as follows:

  • Length: 200 – 2000 mm
  • Depth: 870 – 1180 mm
  • Height: 1855 mm
  • Variable support tube length: 650 – 1.500 mm
  • Support tube spacing: 70 mm
  • Safe load: 400 kg

The differences in the Ecoflex and Varioflex are reflected in the price of the Varioflex, which is priced from £503.00 plus vat & delivery, which is an amazing price for the quality of the product!

Find out more about Rehnen products…….

For more information or any enquiries on the above products, please contact us by phone: 07775 951672 or by email: info@grovewoodmachines.co.uk

Laguna Fusion 2 and Fusion 3 Table Saws – which will you choose?

Laguna Fusion 3 Table Saw

Laguna Table Saws

Laguna is an American woodworking brand, originating from California. Their new and unique machinery has been extremely popular recently among woodworkers in the UK and Europe, so much so that they are difficult to get your hands on! It’s clear to see why they are in such high demand too, as the excellent quality and amazing features allow the company to stand out among the rest. Laguna has two table saw models, the Fusion 2 and the Fusion 3. Both of these are a classic US style cabinet table saw that is said to “not only impress but exceed your expectations”. Bringing US style machinery across the pond to the UK and Europe shows the uniqueness of this company and the products they offer.  Grovewood Machines are proud to be official Laguna dealers.


Both the fusion 2 and 3 models have lots of the same features, but a few minor differences. These are some of the similarities between the two models:

  • A large precision ground mirror finished table top- this allows good workpiece support.
  • A rear outfeed table that adds further stability.
  • A classic “T style” rip fence- which is exceptionally smooth moving and rock solid when locked, so guarantees accurate cuts.
  • The Hi-Lo fence design also allows narrow cuts in even thin materials.
  • The professional ‘zero clearance’ is suitable for all blade angles.
  • The fine adjustment knob also screws to precisely line up to the table surface and can be removed too.
  • Cast polished hand wheels that control the arbor, so that the rise, fall and tilt give a smooth blade movement.
  • There is also a powerful braked motor that is mounted onto a powder-coated one-piece base cabinet via solid cast aluminium (fusion 2) or iron (fusion 3) trunnions. This ensures that the table top is left unstressed.
  • Also, the dust extraction is a crown guard hose in conjunction with the interior blade.

Differences between Table Saws:

There are a few differences between the fusion 2 and fusion 3 models. This does not mean, however, that one is better than the other. The different models are made to meet different people’s needs, whether they be just a hobbyist or an experienced professional. It’s all about what works for you and your wants and needs in a machine, because these table saws, regardless of the model, will still be of top quality and have all the same benefits. One of the main differences between the models is the size of the motor. The fusion 2 motor is 1300w whereas the fusion 3 motor is 2200w. As well as this, the fusion 2 has cast aluminium cabinet mounted trunnions, while the fusion 3 has cast iron cabinet mounted trunnions. Although these are the main differences to take note of, the fusion 3 also has a few features that the fusion 2 does not have, like a thicker gauge industrial grade cabinet, and a right hand MDF infill table.  The extra features in the fusion 3 are reflected in the slightly higher price point, also ensuring that you are getting the best quality features for your money.

Why we love these:

  • High quality machines at an affordable price point
  • Guaranteed accurate cuts with the ‘T’ style rip fence
  • Easy to set up, with one customer saying they “unboxed it in under 20 minutes”.
  • The 2 machines cover a wide range of needs and is very versatile, so can be used by any woodworker.
  • Great stability (so it’s safe) thanks to a few of the features, like the rear outfeed table.
  • It has excellent reviews, with one person saying that the fusion 3 is a “great piece of machinery”.

Find out more about the Tables Saw range on our website click here

For any enquiries on the machines mentioned above, or any product that we sell, please contact us by email: info@grovewoodmachines.co.uk or by phone: 01256 818235.


Laguna Drum Sanders 16-32 Supermax

Laguna 16|32 Drum Sander

Laguna Drum Sanders 16-32 Supermax from Grovewood Machines

Laguna is an American woodworking machinery company not long launched in the UK, and originally founded in California, USA. We have seen a large increase in demand for Laguna in the past year, and Grovewood Machines is one of the largest official stockists of Laguna Tools in the country. New and innovative design solutions is what makes them a company of choice, and their drum sander is one to look out for!

The Laguna  drum sander 16-32 is the newest member of the SuperMax drum sander family, which was designed with new, one-of-a-kind features specifically to improve productivity.  The model addresses issues that are common in other drum sanders by creating them with exclusive features that make the machine unique, as no other one on the market has these features.


  • The patented quick adjust lever allows for full height adjustments with one pull of a lever vs. forty-eight revolutions of a hand wheel.
  • A built-in digital readout also helps maintain a consistent thickness to improve output quality.
  • A freshly designed turbo vented dust port increases the CFM air flow to dust collectors by 15%.
  • A simple adjustment feature has been added- just one nut adjusts the conveyor to parallel the sanding head, which makes aligning the conveyor to the sanding head far quicker and easier.
  • The machine includes flawless wide sanding: when standing stock wider than sixteen inches and making two passes, the index lever will properly adjust the conveyor, giving it a seamless finish.
  • The drum will never go “out of alignment”, thanks to the drum carriage being bolted to the base of the machine, ensuring that there are not any movement or alignment issues.
  • INTELLISAND technology automatically adjusts the speed of the feed to provide a consistent finish even with a varying grain pattern and density.
  • The machine is also supplied with a floor stand and an 80g wrap.

Reasons we love:

  • Quick set-up time thanks to the quick adjust lever, meaning you can spend more time using the machine.
  • This also increases productivity!
  • Highly accurate and great quality due to the built-in digital readout.
  • Incredibly easy to use with correct training thanks to the simple adjustment nut.
  • Much better air flow to dust collectors than other drum sanders!
  • Perfect for any of your woodworking needs- whether it be for levelling veneered plywood, cabinet doors or thin panels- this drum sanders got you covered.
  • The highest quality machines at a more affordable price point.
  • Thousands sold each year worldwide.
  • It has amazing reviews too! One reviewer said: “I just bought my laguna 16/32 drum sander a few weeks ago and have used it quite a lot before writing this review. Excellent is the best word. The machine has done everything I have asked of it without a hiccup. It was easy to set up and very easy to use”.

This machine is in high demand at the moment and is currently available to pre-order with a small 20% deposit. We only have limited stock coming in so get your hands on one of these sanders while you can!

The full product specification can be found on the product’s page on www.grovewoodmachines.co.uk and for enquiries, please email info@grovewoodmachines.co.uk or contact us by phone on 07775 951672 or 01256 818235.

To watch a review video click here (note this is Canadian version and differs slightly in the UK)






Houfek Wide Belt Sanders

HOUFEK Buldog 3 Wide Belt Sander

About Houfek

Houfek is a new brand we are excited to now be supplying here at Grovewood Machines Ltd. They are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machine tools and wide belt sanders. Based in Czech Republic, they export to over 45 different countries! The company was founded by Jaroslav Houfek in 1991 and included a small workshop for the production of simple woodworking machines. Houfek originally produced belt grinders, but the uniqueness, quality and the originality increased the demand for more machines to be made by the company. The growing interest in machines therefore resulted in a greater production volume and expansion of the product range. With the help of his son Ales Houfek and his managerial skills, the company experienced a huge dynamic development since 1993. From 1996, Houfek started building new premises and offices to keep with their ever-expanding business and eventually relocated in 2001. Just four years later in 2005, they opened another production hall with the participation of recognized business partners and customers. Continue reading to find out more about the Houfek Wide Belt Sanders!

Houfek Wide Belt Sanders

At Grovewood Machines, we stock all the the Houfek Buldog series but currently the most popular is the Buldog 3 wide belt sander. This machine is perfect for all woodworkers alike and is a perfect entry level machine for beginners or just those looking for an excellent quality machine at an affordable price. The machine was developed for customers who require simplicity, reliability, and the impeccable quality of all sanding technologies. Furthermore, the precision sanding of massif and veneer is a simple matter for the machine. It can be used for furniture components, sanding and more including frames and panels, and it is designed for calibration and the fine sanding of parts that are made from wood. The 3 wide belt sander is extremely well built and has various features that make it the best option on the market, including electronic height readout an infra-red sensor control of the sanding belt oscillation. This machine has also been on the market since 2011 and has over 1200 positive reviews! The specifications for this new must-have machine are as follows:

The Houfek Buldog 3 Wide Belt Sander Specification at a glance

  • Working width= 950mm
  • Sanding belt length= 1,900mm
  • Contact roller diameter= 120mm
  • Maximum workpiece height= 160mm
  • Minimum workpiece height= 3mm
  • Feed belt speed= 4.5/9 m/min
  • Sanding belt speed= 18 m/min
  • Voltage/Frequency= 3/N/PE 400V/50Hz V/Hz
  • Weight= 1,840kg

Optional Extras

The Houfek Buldog 3 Wide Belt Sander also can be purchased with a variety of optional accessories that help you to get the most out of the machine. These include motors or frequency inverters, like 11kW and a 15kW motors, a feed belt motor frequency inverter with a speed of 3-15 m/min and a sanding belt motor with a 5.5 frequency inverter with a speed of 3-18 m/s. Also available are working rollers (grooved steel or rubbered, 120mm), various sanding pads and cleaning units, like timed air cleaning devices for sanding belts with or without moving jets.

Some other optional extras include:

  • Automatic feed belt tracking
  • Pressure switch 3.5-4.0 bar
  • A 300mm pull out front extension table
  • A 300mm fixed rear extension table
  • Mechanical limitation of maximum material removal
  • A pneumatic blast gate with a depth of 150mm

Check out our Instagram page @grovewoodmachines for more pictures and information about the Houfek Buldog 3 wide belt sander!

For more information or any enquiries on the above machines, please contact us by phone: 07775 951672 or by email: info@grovewoodmachines.co.uk.


Laguna Dust Extractors from Grovewood Machines

Laguna PFLUX3 Cyclone Dust Extractor

Why buy a Laguna Dust Extractor from Grovewood Machines?

Laguna offers a range of cyclone dust extraction systems (also known as dust collectors): the CFLUX series, the PFLUX series and the BFLUX series. Every single Laguna cyclone has the following features:

  • Remote start and stop
  • Riveted steel fan with backward curved fin design
  • Smart lift collection drum
  • Inlet with splitter and rubber blanking cap
  • Portability with four swivel castors

Health & Safety

We all know that in our industry there are numerous health risks and the health and safety of your employees as well as yourself is paramount. A dust extractor is a must for any size work shop large or small and Laguna offer 3 different ranges to suit your needs.

The CFLUX Range

The CFLUX range at Laguna is one of its kind. They are suitable for either dedicated single machine use or as part of a small ducting system, making it highly versatile. It has a horizontal chute, designed to maximise air flow and all the shapes and dimensions have been carefully designed to optimize the performance of the machine. Moreover, the fan is housed inside a single piece of horizontal plenum that reduces airflow resistance. The CFLUX range is also supplied with a one micron canister which is highly pleated to increase the surface area and maximise airflow too. You can clean the canister using the crank handle attached to the internal paddles.

Furthermore, the ingenious smart lift system quickly engages and disengages the collection drum with just the pull of a lever. The octagonal drum is raised off the floor and so seals against the drum lid. With the drum lifted in this position, the CFLUX1 is fully portable on the four strong castors that are mounted to the frame. The drum sits on another set of castors once lowered so can be quickly carried to wherever the rubbish needs to be let out.

This machine is supplied with a remote start handset, one collection bag for the main drum, one collection bag for the filter dust and a 1.8 mm power cable (with no plug). A 16 amp fixed electric supply will be required to run the dust extractor, and Laguna recommends using an industrial 16 amp 3 pin plug (the round blue type). The CFLUX1 can also be equipped with an optional automatic filter. You can add this on at the time of purchase or buy as an add on. This auto clean kit includes a smart sensor which detects an increase in static pressure. This shows that the filter is starting to get clogged up, and so automatically starts the cleaning procedure.

The PFLUX Range

The Laguna PFLUX cyclone series is one of the most revolutionary designs to ever hit the woodworking market. The HEPA class canister filtration along with so many other unique features is what makes these high end cyclones market leaders. They are a perfect choice for those people looking to minimise workshop dust to the lowest level possible. Some features exclusive to the PFLUX range include:

  • HEPA filtration down to 0.4 micron
  • LED warning light when collection drum is full
  • LED warning light when HEPA filter needs cleaning
  • Swing away doors with acoustic foam to lower the noise level
  • A Semi automatic emptying of the canister dust

As well as this, a 100 mm (4”) hose port is located at the end of the HEPA filter to allow an automatic emptying of the fine dust collected in the chamber.

The BFLUX Range

And finally, the smallest but most certainly not the weakest, the BFLUX range. An exceptionally well built machine that is compact and has a portable extractor that is ideal for a smaller workshop. Some features of the BFLUX machine includes:

  • 1hp quiet induction motor
  • High filtration level of 99.7% at a 1 micron particle size
  • High portability on swivel castors
  • Runs on a standard 13 amp supply
  • Long life, balanced steel fan

The BFLUX1 is described as the “most beautiful” single stage dust collector on the market according to Laguna, with a sleek design and plenty of power to match. It also comes with a patented Snap-band that makes changing the bag quick and easy, meaning no more fumbling with the steel band to lower the bag. Lastly, the BFLUX1 comes standard with a polyester spun bond which provides the 99.7% of particles at 1 micron as mentioned above.

Getting your Laguna Dust Extractor

Why not check out our Instagram page @grovewoodmachines for more pictures and information about the Laguna dust collector range!

For more information or any enquiries on the above machines, please contact us by phone: 07775 951672 or by email: info@grovewoodmachines.co.uk and don’t forget to visit our website where you can find the full specifications.

Robland Panel Saws

Roband Z400M Sliding Table Panel Saw

Robland Panel Saws from Grovewood Machines

Grovewood Machines have been official Robland suppliers for nearly 20 years. We often get enquiries for Robland panel saws. They are perfect for professional woodworkers of any standard, with entry level models all the way up to the best of the best.

About Robland

Robland was founded in 1968 by Robert Landuyt in Bruges, Belgium. Their success was achieved by combining good quality with affordable prices, as reflected in their products.  The product range at Robland has been extended massively since being founded, now offering machines like planer thicknessers, spindle moulders and edge banders too. In 1992, the company saw the introduction of their first panel saw, the Z320. From there, Robland has created a well-deserved reputation, even seeing them celebrate their 50th birthday back in 2018, which we were fortunate enough to attend.

With 28 years of experience in building high quality panel saws for affordable prices, you’ll be sure to find a model that’s perfect for you. The company has two types of panel saws, compact and large format. Large format is perfect for people with more floor space and looking for a top quality machine, whereas compact is perfect for people who struggle with space, but are still looking for the features of a professional panel saw.

The Range of Robland Panel Saws

The NXZ and E300 models are entry level compact panel saws. They still offer many of the exceptional features that Robland has to offer but at a lower price point. The NXZ has an optionally available belt driven scoring unit which limits the maximum cutting depth to 85cm. Similarly, the E300 offers an optionally available motor driven scoring unit that allows a maximum cutting depth of 100cm.

Perhaps you’re looking for a model with all the features of a professional panel saw but don’t have enough floor space? Robland created the CZ range with exactly that in mind. This range comes in a wide selection of saw diameters (300,400 and 500mm), sliding tables, outrigger tables, options like digital readout and accessories, which can be combined with either a manual (M) or electrical light (EL) height and tilt of the blade. Furthermore, the saw aggregate is made from one piece of cast iron for natural absorption of vibrations. This therefore offers superior precision and stability. There are 3 series in the range:




Within that, there are models within these series:

  • CZ300 consists of the CZ300 M and the CZ300 EL.
  • CZ400 consists of the CZ400 M, CZ400 EL, CZ400 X1 and the CZ400 X3.
  • CZ500 consists of the CZ500 M, CZ500 EL, CZ500 X1 and the CZ500 X3.

As for large format panel saws, Robland offers 3 series, as well as one entry level machine called the E2500. This machine includes a motor driven scoring unit and the company’s exclusive Balls on Steel System (BOSS). This system ensures smooth operation of the sliding table. The Z series has a wide variety of saw diameters to offer- 300, 400 and 500mm, and these correspond to the names of the machines. Furthermore, they offer sliding tables, outrigger tables, options and accessories, which can be combined with one of four executions: manual, electrical height and tilt of the table, controlled parallel fence and a three axes controlled machine. The saw aggregate is made of one piece of cast iron for natural absorption of vibrations, which therefore gives superior stability and precision.  There are 3 ranges that Robland has to offer:

  • Z300
  • Z400
  • Z500

Within these ranges are the models:

  •  (Z300) Z300 M, Z300 EL, Z300 X1 and Z300 X3
  •  (Z400) Z400 M, Z400 EL, Z400 X1 and Z400 X3
  •  (Z500) Z500 M, Z500 EL, Z500 X1 and Z500 X3

Robland offers such an amazing wide variety of panel saws that are perfect for any of your woodworking needs! At Grovewood Machines, we are proud to be one of the company’s major stockists.

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Laguna Bandsaws from Grovewood Machines

Laguna Bandsaws

We get numerous enquiries for Laguna Bandsaws at Grovewood Machines Ltd. Whether you’re a professional woodworker or even just a hobbyist, bandsaws are a brilliant option for anyone.

About Laguna

Laguna Tools was founded in Laguna Beach, California. Almost three decades later, Laguna is the market leader in the American woodworking machinery market. Combining new and innovative solutions with high quality manufacturing standards has enabled the company to earn a well-respected reputation in both their home market and across the world. Over three years, the Laguna is being made available to buy in Europe by being re-designed to meet CE regulations while retaining their uniqueness. Grovewood Machines is one of the leading stockists of Laguna Tools in the UK, boasting high quality machines at competitive prices.

Who are buying Laguna Bandsaws?

Laguna machines are extremely popular across the UK at the moment, especially for hobbyists who have taken up woodwork during lockdown, or maybe even professionals who are looking to extend their passion to their homes. Stock is often low and machines are becoming more difficult to get hold of. This shows that they are one of the best when it comes to bandsaws for both hobbyists and professionals!

The Laguna Bandsaw Range

The 14|12

Their exceptional bandsaw range, in particular the 14|12 model, has won many awards, due to its innovative designs and affordable prices. Some of these awards include Editor’s choice ‘Best Overall’ in Taunton’s 2015 Tool Guide, as well as Editor’s choice ‘Best Value’ in Taunton’s 2015 Tool Guide.

The Laguna 14|12 bandsaw was first released in 2015 in the USA and became an instant success. It won many awards and is even the best seller in the entirety of North America! It’s large depth of cut, premium build quality and many professional features make it a favourite among joinery shops and high-end home DIY workshops. Optional accessories for this machine includes a 14/12WK deluxe wheel system designed for maximum stability and ease of use with a single pedal to engage, an SMG: sliding mitre fence that’s adjustable to 60 degrees each way with positive stops at 0 degrees, and 141206-20: a selection of high  quality, premium woodpecker blades.

The 14|BX

The Laguna 14|BX bandsaw was built upon the success of the 14|12 model. They both have a similar specification, however the 14|BX has a more powerful 2.5hp motor, as well as twin extraction ports. As well as this, a foot switch and disc braking system has been added to more conveniently stop the saw and bring the motor to a stop in an instant. With outstanding features and a premium build quality, this model will appeal more to professional joinery shops.

The 18|BX

Lastly, the Laguna 18|BX bandsaw is a scaled up version of the best selling 14|12. They share all of the finishing touches and distinctive features that made the 14|12 an award winner. This larger model is designed to be tough enough to handle any daily job in a professional workshop. Again, a disc braking system and foot switch has been added to the bandsaw to stop the saw more conveniently. Some other features that differ from the other models in the band saw range include a resaw capacity of 16” and efficient dust extraction. Optional extras for this machine include an 18BXWK deluxe wheel system designed for maximum stability and ease of use, an SMG: sliding mitre fence that is adjustable 60 degrees each way with positive stops at 0 degrees and 45 degrees each way, and an 18BX06-27: a selection of high quality, premium woodpecker blades.

Some features of the Laguna bandsaw range includes:

  • A pyramid shaped spine that minimises frame distortion
  • A braked motor that provides enough power for even the deepest of cuts. There’s a quick blade release tension lever that makes blade changing faster too.
  • A micro polished cast iron table that’s mounted onto an oversized trunion with two locking points, ensuring a solid work space.
  • Solid cast iron wheels that are dynamically balanced and fitted with polyurethane tyres, which are designed to last longer and run cooler than normal tyres.
  • Double windows to allow you to look at both the tension and tracking while the machine is running

One of the most unique advantages of the Laguna bandsaw range is the famous ceramic blade guide system. These blades make ten points of contact that allow an easy set-up and more accurate cuts. The use of long life ceramic guides allow for a greater blade contact area than typical bearing guides. As a result, there is more support for the blade and a larger cutting accuracy.

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