Laguna Drum Sanders 16-32 Supermax

Laguna 16|32 Drum Sander

Laguna Drum Sanders 16-32 Supermax from Grovewood Machines

Laguna is an American woodworking machinery company not long launched in the UK, and originally founded in California, USA. We have seen a large increase in demand for Laguna in the past year, and Grovewood Machines is one of the largest official stockists of Laguna Tools in the country. New and innovative design solutions is what makes them a company of choice, and their drum sander is one to look out for!

The Laguna  drum sander 16-32 is the newest member of the SuperMax drum sander family, which was designed with new, one-of-a-kind features specifically to improve productivity.  The model addresses issues that are common in other drum sanders by creating them with exclusive features that make the machine unique, as no other one on the market has these features.


  • The patented quick adjust lever allows for full height adjustments with one pull of a lever vs. forty-eight revolutions of a hand wheel.
  • A built-in digital readout also helps maintain a consistent thickness to improve output quality.
  • A freshly designed turbo vented dust port increases the CFM air flow to dust collectors by 15%.
  • A simple adjustment feature has been added- just one nut adjusts the conveyor to parallel the sanding head, which makes aligning the conveyor to the sanding head far quicker and easier.
  • The machine includes flawless wide sanding: when standing stock wider than sixteen inches and making two passes, the index lever will properly adjust the conveyor, giving it a seamless finish.
  • The drum will never go “out of alignment”, thanks to the drum carriage being bolted to the base of the machine, ensuring that there are not any movement or alignment issues.
  • INTELLISAND technology automatically adjusts the speed of the feed to provide a consistent finish even with a varying grain pattern and density.
  • The machine is also supplied with a floor stand and an 80g wrap.

Reasons we love:

  • Quick set-up time thanks to the quick adjust lever, meaning you can spend more time using the machine.
  • This also increases productivity!
  • Highly accurate and great quality due to the built-in digital readout.
  • Incredibly easy to use with correct training thanks to the simple adjustment nut.
  • Much better air flow to dust collectors than other drum sanders!
  • Perfect for any of your woodworking needs- whether it be for levelling veneered plywood, cabinet doors or thin panels- this drum sanders got you covered.
  • The highest quality machines at a more affordable price point.
  • Thousands sold each year worldwide.
  • It has amazing reviews too! One reviewer said: “I just bought my laguna 16/32 drum sander a few weeks ago and have used it quite a lot before writing this review. Excellent is the best word. The machine has done everything I have asked of it without a hiccup. It was easy to set up and very easy to use”.

This machine is in high demand at the moment and is currently available to pre-order with a small 20% deposit. We only have limited stock coming in so get your hands on one of these sanders while you can!

The full product specification can be found on the product’s page on and for enquiries, please email or contact us by phone on 07775 951672 or 01256 818235.

To watch a review video click here (note this is Canadian version and differs slightly in the UK)