Laguna Dust Extractors from Grovewood Machines

Laguna PFLUX3 Cyclone Dust Extractor

Why buy a Laguna Dust Extractor from Grovewood Machines?

Laguna offers a range of cyclone dust extraction systems (also known as dust collectors): the CFLUX series, the PFLUX series and the BFLUX series. Every single Laguna cyclone has the following features:

  • Remote start and stop
  • Riveted steel fan with backward curved fin design
  • Smart lift collection drum
  • Inlet with splitter and rubber blanking cap
  • Portability with four swivel castors

Health & Safety

We all know that in our industry there are numerous health risks and the health and safety of your employees as well as yourself is paramount. A dust extractor is a must for any size work shop large or small and Laguna offer 3 different ranges to suit your needs.

The CFLUX Range

The CFLUX range at Laguna is one of its kind. They are suitable for either dedicated single machine use or as part of a small ducting system, making it highly versatile. It has a horizontal chute, designed to maximise air flow and all the shapes and dimensions have been carefully designed to optimize the performance of the machine. Moreover, the fan is housed inside a single piece of horizontal plenum that reduces airflow resistance. The CFLUX range is also supplied with a one micron canister which is highly pleated to increase the surface area and maximise airflow too. You can clean the canister using the crank handle attached to the internal paddles.

Furthermore, the ingenious smart lift system quickly engages and disengages the collection drum with just the pull of a lever. The octagonal drum is raised off the floor and so seals against the drum lid. With the drum lifted in this position, the CFLUX1 is fully portable on the four strong castors that are mounted to the frame. The drum sits on another set of castors once lowered so can be quickly carried to wherever the rubbish needs to be let out.

This machine is supplied with a remote start handset, one collection bag for the main drum, one collection bag for the filter dust and a 1.8 mm power cable (with no plug). A 16 amp fixed electric supply will be required to run the dust extractor, and Laguna recommends using an industrial 16 amp 3 pin plug (the round blue type). The CFLUX1 can also be equipped with an optional automatic filter. You can add this on at the time of purchase or buy as an add on. This auto clean kit includes a smart sensor which detects an increase in static pressure. This shows that the filter is starting to get clogged up, and so automatically starts the cleaning procedure.

The PFLUX Range

The Laguna PFLUX cyclone series is one of the most revolutionary designs to ever hit the woodworking market. The HEPA class canister filtration along with so many other unique features is what makes these high end cyclones market leaders. They are a perfect choice for those people looking to minimise workshop dust to the lowest level possible. Some features exclusive to the PFLUX range include:

  • HEPA filtration down to 0.4 micron
  • LED warning light when collection drum is full
  • LED warning light when HEPA filter needs cleaning
  • Swing away doors with acoustic foam to lower the noise level
  • A Semi automatic emptying of the canister dust

As well as this, a 100 mm (4”) hose port is located at the end of the HEPA filter to allow an automatic emptying of the fine dust collected in the chamber.

The BFLUX Range

And finally, the smallest but most certainly not the weakest, the BFLUX range. An exceptionally well built machine that is compact and has a portable extractor that is ideal for a smaller workshop. Some features of the BFLUX machine includes:

  • 1hp quiet induction motor
  • High filtration level of 99.7% at a 1 micron particle size
  • High portability on swivel castors
  • Runs on a standard 13 amp supply
  • Long life, balanced steel fan

The BFLUX1 is described as the “most beautiful” single stage dust collector on the market according to Laguna, with a sleek design and plenty of power to match. It also comes with a patented Snap-band that makes changing the bag quick and easy, meaning no more fumbling with the steel band to lower the bag. Lastly, the BFLUX1 comes standard with a polyester spun bond which provides the 99.7% of particles at 1 micron as mentioned above.

Getting your Laguna Dust Extractor

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