Laguna Fusion 2 and Fusion 3 Table Saws – which will you choose?

Laguna Fusion 3 Table Saw

Laguna Table Saws

Laguna is an American woodworking brand, originating from California. Their new and unique machinery has been extremely popular recently among woodworkers in the UK and Europe, so much so that they are difficult to get your hands on! It’s clear to see why they are in such high demand too, as the excellent quality and amazing features allow the company to stand out among the rest. Laguna has two table saw models, the Fusion 2 and the Fusion 3. Both of these are a classic US style cabinet table saw that is said to “not only impress but exceed your expectations”. Bringing US style machinery across the pond to the UK and Europe shows the uniqueness of this company and the products they offer.  Grovewood Machines are proud to be official Laguna dealers.


Both the fusion 2 and 3 models have lots of the same features, but a few minor differences. These are some of the similarities between the two models:

  • A large precision ground mirror finished table top- this allows good workpiece support.
  • A rear outfeed table that adds further stability.
  • A classic “T style” rip fence- which is exceptionally smooth moving and rock solid when locked, so guarantees accurate cuts.
  • The Hi-Lo fence design also allows narrow cuts in even thin materials.
  • The professional ‘zero clearance’ is suitable for all blade angles.
  • The fine adjustment knob also screws to precisely line up to the table surface and can be removed too.
  • Cast polished hand wheels that control the arbor, so that the rise, fall and tilt give a smooth blade movement.
  • There is also a powerful braked motor that is mounted onto a powder-coated one-piece base cabinet via solid cast aluminium (fusion 2) or iron (fusion 3) trunnions. This ensures that the table top is left unstressed.
  • Also, the dust extraction is a crown guard hose in conjunction with the interior blade.

Differences between Table Saws:

There are a few differences between the fusion 2 and fusion 3 models. This does not mean, however, that one is better than the other. The different models are made to meet different people’s needs, whether they be just a hobbyist or an experienced professional. It’s all about what works for you and your wants and needs in a machine, because these table saws, regardless of the model, will still be of top quality and have all the same benefits. One of the main differences between the models is the size of the motor. The fusion 2 motor is 1300w whereas the fusion 3 motor is 2200w. As well as this, the fusion 2 has cast aluminium cabinet mounted trunnions, while the fusion 3 has cast iron cabinet mounted trunnions. Although these are the main differences to take note of, the fusion 3 also has a few features that the fusion 2 does not have, like a thicker gauge industrial grade cabinet, and a right hand MDF infill table.  The extra features in the fusion 3 are reflected in the slightly higher price point, also ensuring that you are getting the best quality features for your money.

Why we love these:

  • High quality machines at an affordable price point
  • Guaranteed accurate cuts with the ‘T’ style rip fence
  • Easy to set up, with one customer saying they “unboxed it in under 20 minutes”.
  • The 2 machines cover a wide range of needs and is very versatile, so can be used by any woodworker.
  • Great stability (so it’s safe) thanks to a few of the features, like the rear outfeed table.
  • It has excellent reviews, with one person saying that the fusion 3 is a “great piece of machinery”.

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