Altendorf WA80 TE Sliding Table Panel Saw

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The Altendorf WA80 TE Sliding Table Panel Saw is well built, powerful and smooth running exactly what you would expect from the worlds leading manufacturer.  The WA80 TE Features include:

  • Completely designed, developed and manufactured in Germany
  • Simple and easy to use control unit
  • Smooth running and powerful Altendorf saw unit
  • Torsion resistant machine frame built in the same way as the Altendorf F45
  • High quality hardened chrome guide bars will give the sliding table decades of accurate running

Altendorf WA80 TE Options

  • Rip fence with manual adjustment, choose from 800mm, 1000mm or 1300mm.
  • DIGIT X. Digital display rip fence, choose from 800mm, 1000mm or 1300mm.
  • Crosscut mitre fence. choose from standard, Digit L or Digit LD
  • Crosscut fence fixed choose from standard or Digit L
  • Parallelogram cross slide table (PQS) choose from standard, Digit L or Digit LD
  • Scorer
  • Motor upgrades, choose from 5.5Kw (7.5hp) or 7.5Kw (10hp)
  • On/off switches mounted to sliding carriage.
  • LED warning illumination strip, for use when Scorer blade is in operation.
  • Cross slide extension for crosscut fences
  • Steg panel support
  • DUPLEX double sided mitre fence. Choose from standard, D or DD.
  • One sided mitre fence
  • Manual quick action clamp

Altendorf WA80 TE Sliding Table Panel Saw Specification:

Dust extraction: Top connection Small extraction hood: Ø = 50 mm / Large extraction hood: Ø = 80 mm
Bottom connection Ø = 120 mm
Pressure drop 1 500 Pa with a total connection diameter, Ø = 140 mm
Minimum air requirement Vmin = 1 150 m3/h at 20 m/sec
Motor 4.0 kW optional 5.5kW/7.5kW avalible
Voltage 380v – 420v
Frequency 50Hz
Current (A) without/with scorer 11,5/13,5
Fuses/circuit breakers (A) 25
Cutting widths 800mm optional 1000mm 1300mm
Table length 2250mm optional 3000mm 3200mm
Cutting length 1905mm optional 2905mm 3105mm
Saw blade diameter 250mm 300mm 315mm 350mm 400mm
Depth of cut vertical 0-50mm 0-75mm 0-82mm 0-100mm 0-125mm
Machine weight 1000Kg
Table height 910mm

£13,990.00 + VAT