Casadei E350PM Premiling Edgebander



Casadei E350PM Pre-milling Edgebander from Grovewood Machines.

The Casadei E350PM Pre-milling edgebander is a compact PLC controlled edgebander complete with:
Thermostatic glue control with automatic standby and temperature Indicator
Light-up LED buttons for machine operating units selection
Diagnostic system with messages for machine use and maintenance
Statistical operating data: total hours of machine use, total and partial meters of edge used
Automatic panel feeding by steel core toothed belt
3 position infeed fence: 0-1-2 mm (according to band thickness)
Pneumatic edge cutting shears from coil
Teflon-coated glue pot fitted with 6 electrical heating elements (4 in the glue pot, 1 in the turret and 1 inside the glue spreading roller) for uniform glue temperature. Motorized glue spreading roller.
3 pressure rollers (1 rubber and 2 nylon)
Pneumatic end trimming unit with shears and follow-up system (front and rear edges), can be excluded from the control panel.
One motor flush trimming unit (top-bottom) 11,000 RPM with Z4 x 75 mm cutterblocks, combined: radius 2 mm/bevel with vertical disc copiers and numeric Indicators
Working table length 1,800 mm with 7 adjustable rollers and Polizene sliding fences
Front extensible support for large panels with Polizene sliding fences

Glue scraping unit
Recommended for the removal of any excess glue in the area of the joint between the panel and the edge.

Buffing Unit
Fitted with 2 independent motors (0.13kW at
1400rpm) to guarantee perfect finishing of plastic edges.

Technical Specification;

Max/min panel height: 10 – 45mm
Max/min edge thickness: 0.4 – 2mm
Min panel width: 95mm
Min panel length: 210mm
Feed speed: 7m/min
Maximum coil diameter 800mm
Pre-milling unit
Maximum milling 2mm
2 motors (High Frequency) 2 x 0.75kW
Diamond cutter blocks 50 x 60mm dia.
Tool rotation 12,000rpm
Glueing unit
6 heating elements 1490W
Glue heat up time 14-16 mins
Glue heat from stand-by 4-6 mins
Glue pot capacity 1kg
Flush trimming
Motor power 1 x 0.37kW
Tool rotation (50Hz) 11,000rpm
Weight: 420kg approx.
Total Length 2300mm

£11,990.00 + VAT & Delivery

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