Ex Demo Holz-Her Streamer 1052 Edgebander

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This ex-demo Holz-Her Streamer 1052 Edgebander is availaible for immediate delivery at bargain price £14,750.00 + VAT Inc. Standard Delivery & Installation.


BASIC MACHINE STREAMER 1052 200 – 400 V / 50 Hz, with manual pressure bridge adjustment
Rigid workpiece support, distance 380 mm
Edgebander for the edging and post-machining of materials in panel form (such as chipboard panels, MDF panels, tabletops, etc.)
Edging thickness of coiled edging: 0,4 – 3 mm (depending on material) Edging thickness of cut-length edging: 0,4 – 3 mm (depending on material)
Edging height: max. 51 mm Panel thickness: 8 – 45 mm
Workpiece width: min. 65 mm Workpiece length: min. 210 mm Feed speed: 10 m/min


Turnable and tiltable control panel, ergonomically located on the inlet side with selector switches for adjusting the units with temperature control for the heating circuits in the adhesive application system


Edge feeder 1806 Automatic transport of coils and single strips max. load capacity: 40 mm Min. length strips = 350 mm max. edge thickness 3 mm (material dependent) forward cut up to max. 51 mm (material dependent) max cross section 135 mm² (material dependent) support table for coils Ø 820 mm


Glue application system GLU JET S GJ201 (1,9 kW, 50 Hz) Manual adjustment to workpiece thickness Processing of EVA and PUR adhesives in cartridge form
Processing of neutral and coloured adhesives Glue applied by means of nozzle technology, heat-up time: 3 minutes, manual reloading;
Magazine capacity: 1 cartridge (approx. 330 g) Air pressure adjustment; Automatic glue temperature reduction according to time


End trimming unit 1822 (1 x 0.22 kW, 9,000 min-1) Manually tilted 0/10° For trimming the front and rear edge overhang incl. 1 HM alternating teeth circular saw blade, Ø 140 mm x 22 x 3.2 mm, Z = 36


Scraper unit 1929 with 2 scraper carriers, incl. change-over plates R = 2,0 mm with 2 digital counters for horizontal sensing rollers and chip removers Workpiece thickness: min. 12 mm