Laguna CFLUX1 Cyclone Dust Collector NOW REDUCED!

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The Laguna CFLUX 1 Cyclone Dust Collector series sets a new standard for cyclones. The Laguna CFLUX1 Cyclone Dust Collector comes standard with a 1 micron canister providing filtration of 99.97% of particles between the sizes of 0.2 to 2 micron & features 48 sq/ft. of polyester spun bond pleated filter to ensure maximum airflow. 270° manual clean comes standard.

The CFLUX range is a workhorse which represents a quantum leap for cyclones. With remote start as standard, they are suitable for either dedicated single machine use or as part of a small ducting system around the workshop.

The horizontal chute is designed to maximize airflow. All shapes and dimensions have been designed to optimize that performance. The fan is housed inside a single piece horizontal plenum which reduces airflow resistance.

The Laguna CFLUX range is supplied as standard with a 1 micron canister, highly pleated to increase the surface area and maximise airflow. Canister cleaning is provided using the crank handle attached to internal paddles.

The Ingenious smart lift system quickly engages or disengages the collection drum using a simple lever action. The octagonal shaped drum is lifted off the floor and seals against the drum lid. With the drum in the lifted position, the Laguna CFLUX1 Cyclone Dust Collector is fully portable on the four sturdy castors mounted to the frame. Once lowered, the drum sits on another set of castors and can quickly be rolled to wherever emptying is to be carried out.

When it comes to measuring airflow, there are may ways to do it. Laguna quote the traditional method, for comparison against other brands, as well as a more realistic method which gives a ‘real world’ result. Visit the cycology page for more information.

Supplied with remote start handset, 1 collection bag for main drum, 1 collection bag for filter dust, 1.8m power cable (no plug). A 16 amp fixed electric supply is required to run this machine. We recommend using an industrial 16 amp 3 pin plug (round blue type).

The Laguna CFLUX 1 Cyclone Dust Collector can be equipped with an optional automatic filter cleaning kit either at time of purchase or as an add-on later. The auto clean kit includes a smart sensor that detects a rise in static pressure indicating the filter is getting clogged and automatically activates the cleaning procedure.

Part Number: CFLUX1
Motor: 1100w (1.5hp)
Power Supply: 220-240V / 50Hz / 1PH
Recommended Breaker Size (MCB): 20 Amps (Type D)
6ft. 3 Wire Cord with No Plug: Yes
RPM: 2800
Hand-Held Remote Control: Yes
Airflow (Traditional Method): 1786m3/hour (1051cfm)
Airflow (Realistic Method): 1224m3/hour (720cfm)
Max. Static Pressure: 256mm in water (10.1″)
Inlet diameter: 1x 150mm or 2 x 100mm (1 x 6″ or 2 x 4″)
Impeller: 340mm (13.5″) Steel radial Fin
Drum Collection Capacity: 145 Litre octagonal drum
Bag Hold Down: Metal Insert
Canister Filter Type: 1 Micron
Filtration Efficiency: 99.7% @1 Micron
Cannister Cleaning: Manual Crank 360 Degrees
Decibel Reading: 82 dB(A) @ 3m
Drum Collection Bag Layflat Size: 810 x 1090mm (32″ x 43″)
Filter Collection Bag Layflat Size: 660 x 620mm (26″ x 24.5″)
Dimensions: 1092mm x 610mm x 1753mm
Weight (Net/Ship): 105Kg/130Kg

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