Previously Owned Holz-Her Streamer 1057XL Edgebander.



Previously owned Holz-Her Streamer 1057XL Edgebander.
From well known Austrian manufacturer.
Year of Manufacture 2017.
Edgebander for the edging and post-machining of materials in panel form (such as chipboard panels, MDF panels, tabletops, etc.).
Edging thickness of coiled edging – 0.4 – 3 mm.
Edging thickness of cut-length edging – 0.4 – 6 mm
Edging height – 65 mm.
Panel thickness – 8 – 60 mm.
Edging cross section – 6 x 42 mm.
Workpiece width – 65 mm (min).
Workpiece length – 160 mm (min).
Feed speed – 10 m/min.
Turnable and tiltable control panel.
Pre-milling unit with Diamond cutters (Air Stream system).
Edge Feeder – Automatic transport of coils and single strips.
Glue application system Glu Jet GJ301 (2,3 kW, 50 Hz).
Automatic adjustment of gluing height (tracing nozzle).
Glu Jet hybrid technology.
Processing of EVA and PUR adhesives Adhesive in cartridge or granules form Processing of neutral and coloured adhesives.
For processing hot-melt adhesive in cartridge or granules form Glue applied by means of nozzle technology, heat-up time: 3 minutes.
Hopper for 1.5kg glue granulate.
Hopper for 1.4kg glue cartridges (4 cartridges).
Pressure unit pneumatic.
End trimming unit (60 mm) pneumatic.
Dust extraction hoods for end trimming unit 1918.
Trimming unit FR201 (2 x 0.6 kW, 300 Hz, 18,000 min-1).
Multipurpose unit for flush trimming, radius and chamfering.
Diamond cutters with 2mm radius.
Corner rounding unit for processing corners up to 3mm.
Scraper unit, with 2 scraper carriers, incl. change-over plates R = 2,0 mm.
Chip collector for scraper unit.
Surface scraper unit.
Buffing unit.
GLU Jet rinse hopper – to collect glue residues during rinse procedure.
Dimensions – 4930 x 1410 x 1644mm (LxWxH).
Weight – 1440kg.

This previously owned Holz-Her Streamer 1057XL Edgebander machine is in excellent condition and ready for work.
£24,990.00 + VAT.
Delivery available at extra cost.

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