Rehnen Varioflex Drying Rack



New to Grovewood Machnes, the user-friendly Rehnen Varioflex drying rack is a
space-saving and gentle solution for storing
painted workpieces. The four swivel castors
mean that it can also be used for transporting
Its solid tube frame design can be adjusted between
200 mm and 2,000 mm.
With 17 inside and outside plastic-coated support
tubes on each side, the rack can support up to
400 kg of evenly distributed weight. The plug-in inside and outside
support tubes can be taken out and re-inserted as needed.
When the Rehnen Varioflex drying rack is not in use, the drying rack can be collapsed
and takes up minimal space.

Optional accessories:
• Plastic-coated support tubes
• Additional racks

Technical data:

length: 200 – 2000 mm
depth: 870 – 1180 mm
height: 1855 mm
variable support tube length: 650 – 1.500 mm
support tube spacing: 70 mm
safe load: 400 kg

Price – £503.00 + VAT

Additional retaining grids for Varioflex – £170.00 + VAT

Delivery Extra